Baltic Battle XLIII

October 9 2021

Update 2021-07-16

Baltic Battle planned for October 9 2021 (new date). More details soon.



The biker is the stereotypical leather man. He's dressed in leather pants, chaps (with or without jeans underneith) or complete biker gear. On his uppper body he wears a t-shirt or a vest that is white or black without logos, a leather vest, leather jacket or just a harness. On his feet he wears heavy boots or leather shoes. A leaher cap is a common accessory.
Many has kept the "Tom of Finland"-style of the 70's when the leather culture began it's development, but newer bike gear is also accepted.


The rubber guy is partially or completely dressed in rubber. There is a lot of rubber garments to choose from, from bodysuits to shorts and vest, in any color, even transparent. There is also a vast amout of accesorier; gloves, wristbands, armbands, gas masks, boots, vaders and much more.


There are a lot of uniforms to choose from. Worker uniforms such as police, firefighter or security guard, or military uniforms from the army, navy, airforce etc. Both service uniforms and parade uniforms is accepted.
A pair of camouflage pants can be combined with boots and t-shirt or vest.


The worker can be a builder, plumber, roadworker or lumberjack. He wears rough worker clothes, protective clothing, thick boots, helms, gloves etc. Just create a clear whole image; only wearing a plaid shirt does not mean that you are a lumberjack.


The sporty guy always wear a complete outfit that represents the sport he practices! Football shoes with football shirt and -shorts, biking gear with biking shoes, wrestling gear with wrestling shoes etc.
The swimmer however cannot be bare feet, and flippers are rather impractical, so a pair of sneakers are recommended.

Jocks and underwear

Wear a pair of classic jockstraps or underwear (briefs or boxers) without patterns or big labels. Brand names on the waist band is ok. Upper body shoul be bare or with a harness. Sneakers or boots are fine with the underwear.

Skinhead / punk

The skinhead has a shaved head, no more than 5 mm of hair. Usually a pair of high boots with 14 holes or more is worn, such as Dr. Martens. Usually a pair of bleachers (Levis, Lee or Wrangler), or camouflage pants. On his upper body he wears a shirt, usually short sleeved, t-shirt or pique. Complete the look with braces, bomber jacker och bleached jeans jacket.
He doesn't wear anything on his head since the skinhead is a part of the identity.

A brief history of the Baltic Battle

Once upon a time...
The Baltic Battle-party has taken place every year since 1978. The first one was organized as the official opening of the – at that time – new clubrooms in the Old Town and was a joint venture with MSC Finland. Because our Finnish brothers would travel across the Baltic, the party was named The Battle of the Baltic Sea (in Swedish) with the English translation Baltic Battle added.

From the very first party, in August 1978, it was a big success. It included a boat trip around the southern neighbourhood island and the main party took of course place in the new premises. Tom of Finland was specially invited and showed how his drawings were created, these who later become world famous. MSC Finland brought a jumping leather jack toy as a gift, which is framed behind acrylic glass in our current clubhouse.

For the Baltic Battle 2, the year after, we bet large with a joint venture of five Nordic leather clubs. We commissioned our first exclusively designed Baltic Battle poster by Tom of Finland and it would be 10 more during the 80s. The Baltic Battle 3 in 1980 was organized entirely of our own. And so it has continued, year after year... And the rumour spread and many international guests came and are still cumming. We announced this as our major ECMC event and the rumour spread even outside Europe. In 1981, Drummer Magazine – legendary leather and fetish magazine – writes that our Baltic Battle is even bigger than the CMC Carnival in San Francisco!

Some particularly memorable BB's are those with the main battle in a ship yard dry-dock (1997), at the culture exhibition hall at Euro Pride with 600 participating leather gays (1998), at a ship yard (2000- 2002), in a former printing work (2007), in a former big cinema (2012) – all with welcome pub evenings and Sunday brunches in the club and additional activities in town. Gay and leather history has been written and there are many memories are many of amazing and (in)famous parties – and all was and is only possible due to all the volunteers, who engage and work hard, breaking their balls – both literally and practically.

The Battle will continue!